Best Tourism Place in India

Car rental service companies render great service and help to those looking to travel through India. India is known to be the spiritual land, and for ages many travelers from across the globe have been visiting India. With modernization, the country has seen global visitors from every possible reason along with spiritual reasons. The tourism industry in India is growing.

India is home to many different language, cultures, religions etc. each presenting its own advantages, and preaching lessons of peace and harmony to the world.

Such diversity offers many places of great interest and attracts visitors from within the country and also from different parts of the globe. To cater to the growing tourists from all across the globe, hire car service companies have designed packages for every region, reason and budget to help you see this part exotic world in an exciting way.

You can take a car on rent and travel to some of the best tourist destination in the country, the travel companies offer services across the length and breadth of the country. If you are a group of travelers you can chose to hire bus from such travel companies.

The list of tourists places to visit in India, is never comprehensive or exhaustive, it is too long. Some of the popular tourist destinations to which car rentals run regular services include.

  • The Taj Mahal: Considered to be one of the modern marvels of engineering, the structure was built in the memory of the emperor shah Jahan’s late wife Mumtaj. It is a huge complex with a great view and impressive structure. Also in the neighborhood, there are many other attractions like Red fort.
  • Mumbai: the heart of India, commercial capital buzzing with activity all day long. Mumbai houses world’s second largest film industry Bollywood, also having a rich history of culture, art, etc.
  • Goa: The beach state of India attracts many foreign and Indian tourists every year, the state is known for its rich and vibrant Portuguese culture, Hospitality etc.
  • Gujarat: Gujarat is the home state of the Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, greatest leader of 20th century, also home to many spiritual places like Somnath, Dwaraka, very famous temples of Hindu gods, and being the most favored investment destination for the past decade, is now attracting huge number of tourists.

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